To pay Indirect Taxes (Customs) through the internet:

  1. Click the Indirect Taxes (Customs) ( link to go to Customs e-payment Gateway.
  2. Provide your Import-Export code or your login credentials given by ICEGATE & select your location at which your custom payment is due.
  3. You will be displayed a list of your unpaid challans.
  4. You can pay multiple challans in one go by selecting these challans from the list displayed (Maximum upto 25 challans).
  5. You can also effect individual challan payment.
  6. Select State Bank of Travancore for payment.
  7. You will be redirected to the SBTOnline login page.
  8. Enter your Internet Banking user ID and password. If your credentials are valid, you can proceed to select the account from which you wish to pay tax.
  9. You will be provided a link to print the e-receipt for this payment on successful processing of your transaction.
  10. You will be redirected to ICEGATE site. If payment was successfully made for the challan, it will not appear in the list of pending challans in the ICEGATE site.
  11. You can also generate e-receipt/acknowledgment subsequently from 'status enquiry' link under 'enquiries' tab of

For 'process demo', please go to the home page of Corporate Internet Banking -> Click on SBT e-Tax -> Online Tax Payment -> ICEGATE (Indian Customs EDI gateway) and click on 'Click here for process demo'.


Scenario 1:

While making Customs Duty payment error message received from bank portal: "Due to some technical problems, we are unable to process your request"


  1. Rule not set by the corporate Admin
  2. Transaction amount is higher than the rule set by the corporate Admin.


  1. Corporate Admin Login to SBTOnline -> Manage Accounts -> Rules -> Select Account Number -> Enter Transaction Limit -> Select the authorize type : Single or Joint -> Submit.
  2. On the next page -> Select Authorisers Name -> confirm.
  3. View by accounts -> Select Account Number -> Click on view -> Take a print out of the relevant page and submit to your SBT Branch for their Approval.

Scenario 2:

Transaction/s not completed, challan not available in 'Unpaid challan' list in Icegate Portal.


This could have occurred if the corporate has clicked on 'Challan' in Icegate portal but has not completed the online transaction/s.


  1. Such challans would have moved to 'Incomplete Transactions' list in the Icegate portal. Click on 'Verify' link in the Icegate portal and input '0' (Zero) in the box provided for entering 'Bank Reference Number'. By clicking on 'Verify' link the transaction/s will be moved to 'Unpaid Challans'.
  2. Input the transaction afresh.

Scenario 3:

Online payment is successful but ICEGATE portal is not updated and challan is not available to the corporate.


Connectivity issue between SBT and ICEGATE portals.


  1. Even after successful payment if challan is not generated, the relevant challan would have been moved to list of 'Incomplete transactions' on the ICEGATE portal. Please click on 'Verify' tab. Provide the Internet Banking Reference Number in the box provided for entering 'Bank Reference Number'. The 'Bank Reference Number' will be available in your bank's e-Receipt/Acknowledgement. ICEGATE portal will be updated and challan will be generated.
  2. You may safely repeat this process if the issue is still not resolved.